Ball is the quintessential American watch. Created in 1891 to establish uniform time in the railway industry, this company has a tradition of uncompromising standards for accuracy and legibility. Take Ball’s tritium gas-tube technology. Whereas most luxury watch brands use luminous paint to improve dial legibility in the dark, Ball uses a unique tritium gas-tube technology that is 100 times brighter than its competition. To function properly, this technology merely needs an explorer with the spirit to chart new paths in the world.

Ball combines a forward-looking vision with the roots of its past. Modern looking collections such as the Engineer Hydrocarbon carry Ball’s signature oversized numbers and unique case designs. Classic collections such as the Trainmaster replicate the subtle elegance of turn of the century American culture and add to it a contemporary twist. Whether modern or classic, Ball’s commitment to accuracy and durability ensures that each watch will last a lifetime.