Grand Seiko

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Grand Seiko timepieces combine elegant simplicity with unprecedented precision. Established in 1960 to redefine the standards of luxury watchmaking, this division of Seiko is quietly changing the way we measure time. Their 9S85 mechanical movement is one of the most precise in the industry. Offering an automatic 10-beat winding movement, these watches provide greater shock resistance and thereby have increased durability. Grand Seiko’s revolutionary Spring Drive movement has redefined how we understand precision in luxury watchmaking. Regulating the second hand to glide in continuous motion, this movement replicates the constant flow of time and in so doing delivers an unprecedented one-second-a-day accuracy.

Grand Seiko watches come in four different collections: Quartz Caliber 9F Series, Mechanical Caliber 9S Series, Spring Drive Caliber 9R Series, and Spring Drive Chronograph Caliber 9R86 Series. What unites these collections is Grand Seiko’s commitment polished watchcases and understated dials. What distinguishes them is their path breaking movements.