Mühle Glashütte

Mühle Glashütte produces in house timepieces that combine calculated precision with striking legibility. Mühle’s commitment to fine watchmaking is rooted in the functional purpose of its watches. For more than 140 years, Mühle has manufactured precision time measuring instruments. However, since 1994 they have focused on producing professional nautical instruments and marine chronometers. Uncomplicated and durable, Mühle timepieces are prepared to meet the harshest environmental conditions. Every watch strives for elementary time measurement.

Many of Mühle’s nautical wristwatches are produced in collaboration with search and rescue maritime professionals. To meet industry demands, these watches have larger dials, shockproof engineering, and exacting measurements that hold up to the most extreme weather conditions. Mühle’s classical timepieces have some of the most legible dials in the industry. Understated and elegant, they offer perfect precision in all contexts. Mühle’s sporty instrument watches are designed for the adventurous spirit. Whether in the air or on the trail, these watches are easily read at a glance and are among the most versatile in the industry. In addition to these three main lines, Mühle also produces limited special edition watches that reflect their passion for producing elementary timepieces that meet any environmental demand.