Seiko Astron

Seiko Astron contacts space in order to measure time. Presenting the industry’s first luxury GPS solar timepiece, Astron watches display accurate time regardless of your location in the world. They do so by emitting an automatic signal to a minimum of four GPS satellites orbiting the earth. The watch then adjusts to your exact location even as you travel through multiple time zones. Seiko’s longstanding commitment to precision is reflected in the Astron’s quartz movement, which is accurate to within one second of every 100,000 years. Seiko’s commitment to precision is also reflected in Astron’s perpetual calendar, which also adjusts to your time zone and keeps an accurate date up to February 2100. Because Astron watches run on solar energy, their batteries will never have to be replaced.

The material of the watchcases and bands distinguish Seiko Astron's two collections. High-intensity titanium models offer a stronger, more durable case that is 60% lighter than its stainless steel counterpart. To enhance the band’s durability, this collection incorporates additional materials such as black hard coating and ceramic. Several of the stainless steel models incorporate an extra-strength silicon band to increase comfort and versatility. Their use of color in the dial is more ambitious, adding a dramatic visual contrast to the monochromatic design. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of their wristwatches, Seiko Astron also offers a Kintaro Hattori Special Limited Edition. What makes this watch unique is its case back, which displays Seiko’s original “S” mark from 1900. 

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